What are the Differences Between a Dentist and a Denturist?

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what are the differences between a dentist and a denturist

Dentures are the most popular and practical method for replacing missing teeth. Even though dentures are a valuable tool for replacing lost teeth, many patients struggle to understand the main differences between a denturist and a dentist.

It is important to understand the differences between them before getting full and partial dentures or any other dental work related to tooth replacement or repair.

What is a Dentist? 

A dentist is a highly skilled healthcare provider who focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders and illnesses of the oral cavity.

Dentures in Saskatoon are among the many structures that a dentist is qualified to provide. A dentist can identify the teeth that could support partial dentures and which ones are in good enough condition to be saved. To get the teeth ready to support a partial denture, dentists might do repairs.

What is a Denturist?

A certified dental technician is a denturist. As a member of the dental team, they will assess the patient’s oral health, make impressions of the surrounding tissues, and create the patient’s removable oral prosthesis. When natural teeth are still present in the mouth, the oral prosthesis may take the form of partial dentures in Saskatoon or full dentures.

A denturist lacks the training necessary to diagnose or treat oral health conditions involving the teeth or the gums around them. Denturists are excellent, but sometimes their inability to recognize and treat dental disorders limits their ability to make dentures. 

What Do Denturists Do?

Denturists are capable of the following tasks:

  • Observe firsthand.
  • Assess the patient’s jawline to ascertain the necessary denture size and form.
  • Create a patient’s treatment plan. Design and make both partial and complete dentures.
  • Assemble and modify new dentures.
  • Denture rebase and relining.
  • Modify and fix dentures.
  • Make protective mouth guards.
  • Make detachable prostheses instead of implants.

Is a Denturist a Dentist?

The two professions—denturists and dentists—share the same objective of maintaining your oral health and giving you a gorgeous smile. A denturist and a dentist are not the same thing, though. Although both oral health care providers are capable of producing outstanding dentures in the end, only the dentist is able to lay the groundwork for successful denture manufacture.

Benefits of Visiting a Denturist

  • Inquiries and Assessments

The dentist will check the soft and hard tissues of your mouth in addition to reviewing your entire medical and dental history during your first denture appointment. This will guarantee that your denture requirements are accurately determined and that you receive the denture solutions that best suit your particular requirements.

  • Full Sets of Lower and Upper Dentures

Your dentist or denturist may advise full dentures if you have experienced significant tooth loss in order to replace every missing tooth in your upper or lower dental arch.

  • Partial Dentures 

Patients in the lower or upper arch who have only suffered partial tooth loss are advised to get partial dentures. These unique dentures cover the gaps left by lost teeth. They also function to stop the remaining teeth from shifting or moving.

  • Denture Implants 

A more recent substitute for conventional dentures is denture implants. Dental implants serve as the anchor for denture implants, giving dentures a base. Implants can be used to support a full or partial denture, which functions as multiple artificial teeth, or they can support a single artificial tooth.

Even though implant dentures are growing in popularity, not every patient will benefit from them. Find out if you qualify for denture therapy by contacting our Ottawa clinic.

  • Emergency Relines and Repairs for Dentures

Additionally, we at Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre provide same-day denture repair services and denture maintenance for already-owned dentures. To prevent discomfort or health issues, we can make the necessary adjustments to your dentures.

Comprehensive Denture Services

When choosing between a dentist in Saskatoon and a denturist for new dentures or to replace old ones, many individuals are undecided. In actuality, it is best for these two dental specialists to collaborate in order to offer patients complete dental care services.

We provide a wide choice of long-term denture and implant solutions at Brighton Dental because we recognize that every patient has unique needs and preferences. You may be sure that you will receive top-notch dental treatment to maintain long-term oral health, whether you need full or partial dentures or dentures supported by implants.

Make an appointment right now to discuss your denture alternatives.