Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are used by both children and adults who participate in sporting events or rigorous outdoor activities. Moreover, what many don’t realize is that your dentist can create a custom mouth guard during your next visit.

mouth guards in saskatoon

What is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard  is a flexible mouthpiece that is fabricated to protect your teeth and gums from damage caused by injury, accidents, and teeth grinding. Your dentist creates custom-fitted mouth guards in Saskatoon according to your specific bite. To design these custom-fitted mouth guards, your dentist in Saskatoon will take impressions of your teeth, which will be used as a model during the fabrication process. This will take place in a dental lab, and custom-fitted mouth guards typically take up to weeks to construct.

Why Choose Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards?

While there are other options, such as stock mouth protectors and boil and bite mouth protects, custom-fitted mouth guards are superior in comfort and protection. It is essential to make quality and comfort a priority when choosing a mouth guard. Custom-fitted mouth guards in Saskatoon are durable, easy to clean, and able to resist tears.

Who Can Benefit from Mouth Guards?

Patients of all ages can wear mouth guards in Saskatoon. This dental appliance is highly recommended to athletes and those who participate in contact sports such as football, soccer, boxing, and basketball. These activities involve a more tremendous risk of accidents or injuries to the mouth. Additionally, custom-fitted mouth guards are recommended to patients with bruxism—unintentional teeth grinding during sleep. In this case, the mouth guard is used to prevent tooth damage and protect the integrity of your teeth. At Brighton Dental, we offer mouth guards in Saskatoon, SK. Schedule your appointment today!

How to Maintain Your Mouth Guard 

Just like any other dental appliance, mouth guards also require care. The following are tips to help prolong the life of your mouth guard:

  • Keep your teeth clean before wearing your mouth guard! Brush or at least rinse your mouth before wearing it.
  • Thoroughly clean your mouth guard after each wear with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Rinse your mouth guard before and after wearing.
  • Avoid using hot water to clean your mouth guard.
  • Check your mouth guard for wear-and-tear.
  • When you are not wearing your mouth guard, be sure to store it in a dry case to prevent mould.

If you have any questions about receiving mouth guards, please contact us.