Dentures Near You

Tooth loss is affected by many factors, including periodontal disease, cavities, physical injury, and other diseases. However regardless of the reason, losing one or more teeth can cause stress and inconvenience to one’s life. Fortunately, your dentist offers dentures in Saskatoon to restore the appearance and functionality of your mouth. Depending on your circumstances, you may require complete or partial dentures. We will discuss the difference between these two options down below.

Partial Dentures

Those who are missing only a few teeth may benefit from partial dentures. This denture type is removable and can be used for the upper and lower teeth. Partial dentures near you, are comprised of a metal framework that secures the denture in place within your mouth. Attached to the partial denture, are artificial replacement teeth, made out of natural-looking material that closely resembles natural teeth.

Complete Dentures

Patients who are missing the majority of their teeth or all may benefit from this restorative application. These dentures near you are firmly held in place by suction or adhesive. Those with complete dentures in Saskatoon will regain the ability to eat, drink and speak comfortably again. You can also remove complete dentures at any time for cleaning purposes or before bed.

The Process of Getting Dentures

If your dentist has recommended dentures, the process will begin by taking a series of impressions to create them. Together, you and your dentist will determine the shade, size, and shape of the replacement teeth that will be crafted on the dentures. Lastly, the dentures will be fitted in your mouth to ensure a proper fit. If necessary, adjustments will also be made.

On average, dentures can last for 10 years or longer with proper care and handling. To schedule a consultation for dentures in Saskatoon, SK S7K 0P1 or to learn more, contact our dental clinic today!