Laser Dentistry

This area of dentistry utilizes lasers to address several dental conditions. Laser dentistry has been around for over one hundred years and has helped more and more patients receive comfortable and successful treatment.

laser dentistry in saskatoon

What is Laser Dentistry?

We offer laser dentistry in Saskatoon to perform various dental procedures. Through laser dentistry, dentists have been able to speed up recovery time and minimize discomfort. Dental lasers offer special absorption characteristics that are commonly used to perform dental procedures. Laser dentistry is used to treat gum disease, tooth decay and used during tooth whitening procedures.

We provide laser dentistry in Saskatoon to treat a variety of dental concerns. Lasers can be used for:

  • Reshaping gums
  • Treatment for gum disease
  • Treatment for root canal infections
  • Damaged nerve regeneration
  • Removing tissues in the throat that cause sleep apnea
  • Treatment for canker sores or cold sores

If you have any questions about laser dentistry, please feel free to contact us to learn more. We are happy to provide laser dentistry to give our patients more accurate and less invasive dental treatments.

What are The Different Laser Procedures?

Your dentist in Saskatoon  uses two different laser procedures—one for hard tissues and one for soft tissues. In terms of hard tissue, we refer to the detection of cavities, tooth preparation, dental fillings, and treatment for sensitive teeth.

Soft tissue procedures are often performed for gummy smiles, fold removal, muscle attachment, and crown lengthening treatments. Benign tumour removal, sleep apnea treatment, and TMJ treatment are other examples of procedures that involve laser dentistry in Saskatoon.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Many patients opt for laser dentistry because of the number of benefits associated. With soft tissue laser, the need for sutures is minimized. Also, since lasers encourage blood clotting, bleeding is minimized. Not to mention, in some cases, laser dentistry eliminates the need for anesthesia altogether. Additionally, lasers reduce the risk of bacterial infections as they sterilize the area being treated.

To learn more about laser dentistry or to schedule an appointment, contact Brighton Dental. We offer laser dentistry in Saskatoon, SK.