comprehensive care for your whole family

Comprehensive Care For Your Whole Family

Enjoy a wide range of services offered at our dental clinic near you.

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Emergency Dental Services Near You

When a dental emergency arises, our dental clinic in Saskatoon is equipped to handle it.

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We Offer Sedation Dentistry

Experience a relaxing and stress-free appointment every time you visit.

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Full-Service Dental Clinic

We offer a wide range of dental services at our dental office in Saskatoon. You and your family can choose from general, cosmetic, orthodontic and surgical services when you visit our dental clinic near you.

emergency dental services

Emergency Dental Services

When a dental emergency arises, contact our dental office near you. Whether it is a chipped, cracked, broken or missing tooth, our team is experienced and equipped to handle whatever comes our way.

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Personalized Dental Care

Each patient’s individual needs are evaluated and addressed when you visit our dental clinic in Saskatoon. Dentistry is not one-size-fits-all, which is why our approach is highly personalized.

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Flexible Operation Hours

We recognize and understand your schedule can get a little hectic. For your convenience, we are open on weekends and evenings. Schedule an appointment that fits your schedule today at our dental clinic near you.

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Welcome to Brighton Dental Your Dentist in Saskatoon

Looking for a dental office near you that delivers the highest quality dental care in a welcoming, professional and stress-free environment? At Brighton Dental, our dental office in Saskatoon ensures each patient has the most positive dental experience possible, exceeding their expectations each time they visit.

Our dental team is committed to applying a unique approach to dental care and overall wellness, which is why we are dedicated to patient education and understanding. Each member of our dental team is highly experienced, skilled, and passionate about dentistry.

From general dentistry services to cosmetic, orthodontic, sedation, and restorative dentistry services, our dental clinic in Saskatoon has everything you need!

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why choose brighton dental centre

Why Choose Brighton Dental?

  • New patients and walk-ins are always welcome.
  • Open Saturdays & extended hours are offered.
  • Skilled & experienced dental team for all dental treatments.
  • General, cosmetic, surgical, and orthodontic services available.
  • Family-friendly dental office and team.
  • Advanced technology and fully digital integrations.

When you choose to visit our dental office in Saskatoon, you can trust that you are being serviced by a team of dedicated dental professionals, that put your dental health and wellbeing first.


During a dental cleaning at a dental office in Saskatoon, the plaque and tartar will be removed from your teeth by a hygienist. When the surface of your teeth is clean, they will proceed to floss your teeth, so every crevice in your mouth is clean as well. Fluoride will be given for you to rinse before the dentist sees you.

Once your cleaning is finished, the dentist will examine your gums and teeth. During a dental checkup, your mouth will be examined for signs of decay, gum disease, cavities, and any other oral health problem.

An unwanted toothache or injury can affect how you go about your day. Here at our dental office in Saskatoon, we offer emergency dentistry. If you have a dental emergency such as losing a tooth, a severe toothache, or a damaged tooth, visit us right away! We will treat you as soon as possible to save your tooth.

When you receive Invisalign from our dentist in Saskatoon, you receive many benefits such as:

  • No discomfort wearing your aligners
  • You can eat what you want
  • They are convenient
  • You don’t have to visit often to get adjustments

Laser dentistry provides a more precise method for dental procedures. It provides patients with less bleeding, less pain, and less risk for infections!

Having a painful tooth may lead to tooth extraction. At our dental office in Saskatoon, we offer both simple and surgical extractions. Simple tooth extractions are for the teeth that are visible and require local anesthesia. Surgical extractions are for teeth such as wisdom teeth and require incisions and more sedation. If your tooth needs to be extracted, schedule an appointment with our dentist in Saskatoon.

Children are prone to eating sugar. With sugar comes cavities. Dental sealants are wrapped around your child’s teeth to protect them from cavities. The dental sealants will prevent food particles from getting trapped in their teeth. If you are interested in getting dental sealants for your child, schedule an appointment at our dental office in Saskatoon today!