Sedation Dentistry and Its Benefits

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sedation dentistry and its benefits

A quarter of Canadians avoid dental treatment due to fear. Many people postpone dental care because they fear having strange objects introduced into their mouths, yet delaying care can have much worse consequences. 

Your teeth, gums, and mouth could be permanently damaged. Sedation dentistry might let you visit the dentist with confidence. Under expert supervision, medication will relax and comfort you during this risk-free operation. Sedation dentistry works best when performed by a trained dentist. 

The sedation dentistry experts provide high-quality care that accommodates your comfort preferences. They are skilled and experienced at calming patients like you. Local anesthesia and nitrous oxide are available for dental sedation. Sedation dentistry can help you visit the dentist in Saskatoon when needed. 


Your dentist can perform the necessary work while you are awake and fully conscious, thanks to local anesthesia. This method allows you to keep talking even when sedated safely by an anesthetic. 

An injection is directly administered to the area of your mouth that requires treatment. Often, the medication is injected into your surrounding gum tissues. 

Most patients report feeling its effects within ten minutes of the injection. Since the anesthetic won’t impair your ability to think clearly, you should be able to drive yourself home after the treatment. It impacts only for a few hours at maximum. 

Nitrate Oxide

Laughing gas, often known as nitrous oxide, is a gaseous sedative mixed with oxygen. You’ll feel calm and at ease while under anesthesia, but you’ll still be able to communicate with your dental staff staff. 

Nitrous oxide is administered to the patient via a mask that rests over your nose. It usually starts working in a matter of minutes. Inhaling nitrous oxide will make you feel relaxed and at ease, yet it may also make you dizzy or give you a mild tingling sensation in your extremities. 

When you remove your mask, the nitrous oxide immediately stops having noticeable physical effects. Within a short period, you should feel completely normal and awake. Patients who use nitrous oxide during surgery can typically return home under their power.

Positives of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry in Saskatoon is a safe and effective method of reducing the anxiety associated with dental procedures. Additionally, it offers the following advantages: 

  • If you take this supplement, you will have an easier time enduring a lengthy dental operation or several treatments. 
  • It can help calm a reflex to throw up. 
  • It helps dentists treat patients unable to remain cooperative throughout dental procedures, such as children or patients with mental disorders who may be unable to do so. 
  • It will be less tempting for you to fidget or move around during therapy. Rapidly loses its effectiveness and has little, if any, adverse effects.

Is Sedation Dentistry Your Best Bet?

If you are a patient in sound health, then, irrespective of your age, you are considered an excellent candidate for sedation dentistry treatment. Before your procedure, we check your current circumstances, medical history, and medicines to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo the intended therapy without experiencing any adverse effects. 

Your chance of experiencing difficulties due to sedation dentistry can be increased if you have certain medical issues, including obesity or obstructive sleep apnea. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we might recommend that you forego having sedation dentistry done. 

Find out more about sedation dentistry and how it can help you feel more comfortable having the dental procedures you need. Please call Brighton Dental’s office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.