Is Invisalign Worth It?

Is invisalign worth it

Many individuals mistakenly believe that adults cannot receive orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign – this isn’t true. But even equipped with this knowledge, some people still question if they should even bother. Permanent teeth are more difficult to move than baby teeth, right? Does orthodontic treatment later in life provide you with the same outcomes as if you had it done earlier? 

The following information will help you decide whether or not getting Invisalign in Saskatoon as an adult is worthwhile for you. 

Is Invisalign Worth It for Adults?

Invisalign can assist in straightening your teeth, which can greatly boost your self-confidence and your smile’s functionality. Kids, teens, and yes, adults, can receive orthodontic care; the only difference is that because adult teeth are more difficult to move, it may take longer. 

The outcomes of Invisalign are identical to those of traditional braces, but they are less expensive and more discreet. All you need to do to make Invisalign fit your lifestyle is take them out when you eat, drink, or brush your teeth. With no discomfort and no need for self-consciousness, Invisalign offers all the advantages of braces without any drawbacks.

Invisalign as an adult is definitely worthwhile if this avenue of treatment appeals to you. Ultimately, your willingness to commit to them will ultimately determine whether or not you achieve your goal of having straight teeth. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a dentist if you have any queries. 

What You Need to Know About Getting Invisalign as an Adult

Unlike with baby teeth, which are intended to fall out eventually, adult teeth are permanent and are more difficult to shift in comparison. 

You can anticipate a different treatment journey when you get Invisalign from your dentist in Saskatoon compared to having traditional braces.

To create your first set of aligners, your orthodontist will create a mold of your teeth. Receiving your first set of aligners marks the start of your journey. You’ll need to return to see your oral healthcare provider approximately 6 weeks so they can evaluate your smile and give you a new pair of trays. 

Once your treatment has officially concluded, depending on your case, you may need to wear a retainer. This device helps ensure that your results are maintained. 

Except for when you eat, drink, or brush your teeth, as previously noted, you must wear your aligners every day, for a minimum of 22 hours. 

Benefits of Invisalign

No matter what age you are or where you’re at in life, acquiring Invisalign can significantly boost your smile aesthetics and functionality. Some of the primary advantages are:

  • They are just as effective as conventional braces.
  • They’re made from special dental plastic, meaning that the material won’t irritate your gums or teeth
  • They’re comfortable to wear!
  • Your trays are discrete in appearance, which will increase your self-confidence.
  • They’re designed to be removed, such as during mealtime and when you’re brushing your teeth.
  • Very easy to clean.

Do You Plan to Get Invisalign as an Adult? 

As you can see, getting Invisalign as an adult is not only a possibility but also a decision that may be well worth it. It’s crucial to remember that since your aligners must be on your teeth for them to work, removing them too frequently could make your treatment last longer. But if worn correctly and for long enough, Invisalign can give you the straight teeth you’ve always wanted.

To help you acquire straight teeth, our dentist provides Invisalign to adults and teenagers. Do you intend to use Invisalign? To find out if it’s a good fit for you, get in touch with us here at Brighton Dental right now!