How to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

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how to naturally whiten your teeth

Did you know that more than one billion dollars are spent on at-home teeth whitening products each year? These whitening products may be able to brighten your smile, but they can also damage them if they are poorly made. When it comes to teeth whitening, the best way to ensure that you have safe and effective results is to visit a dentist in Saskatoon for professional services. However, if you truly want to whiten your teeth at home, then natural whitening is the way to go. Here are some tips on how to naturally whiten and brighten your smile.

Brush Your Teeth Every Day

As most of you already know, brushing your teeth twice per day is the most effective way to keep your teeth shining. If you have not been brushing your teeth regularly, ensure that you start doing so now.

To give your smile an extra shine, our dentist suggests that you try to use whitening toothpaste. These types of toothpaste use mild abrasives that work to remove tough stains from the surfaces of your teeth.

Use Orange, Banana, or Lemon Peels

This remedy does not have scientific research backing it, but people who try it are typically happy with the results. To use this method, take an orange, lemon, or banana peel and carefully rub it along your teeth and gum line. Rub it for about two minutes, and then thoroughly rinse your mouth and wash your teeth.

The peels of these fruits contain citric acid, which can whiten your teeth; however, if you experience tooth sensitivity, then you should not use this remedy as it can be hard on your tooth enamel.

Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a technique that has been found to whiten and brighten smiles. You need to swish about one tablespoon of sunflower or sesame oil around in your mouth to perform oil pulling. You can also use coconut oil, as it tastes great and offers additional health benefits.

Oil pulling works to remove many types of bacteria from your mouth, also encouraging your teeth to appear white.

Ensure That Your Diet is Rich in Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are great for your health, but they are also excellent for your oral health. Crunchy fruits and vegetables can exfoliate your teeth and remove plaque when you chew on them. They are not a replacement for brushing your teeth, but they can still help. Two of the fruits that seem to be the most effective at teeth whitening are strawberries and pineapples. Pineapples contain an enzyme called “bromelain,” which has been shown to effectively remove stains, and strawberries contain malic acid, which also works to brighten teeth.

Visit a Dentist

If none of the above natural teeth whitening methods work for you, then it may be time to visit our team at Brighton Dental Centre for professional teeth whitening in Saskatoon. Our dentist can ensure that you receive safe, effective, and radiant results with professional-grade whitening materials.

You can also speak to our team about porcelain veneers to enhance the whiteness of your smile. Dental veneers work to mask minor cosmetic imperfections in your smiles, such as stains, chips, and discoloration.

Whatever the method, our team of dedicated dental professionals is happy to help you achieve the radiant smile of your dreams. Please contact us to book a consultation today!