Advantages of Laser Dentistry

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advantages of laser dentistry

Are you tired of having to endure intrusive and uncomfortable dental procedures? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that a new method of treatment has emerged, and has been gaining much popularity. 

The cutting-edge technology and precision that come with using lasers has completely changed how dentists provide patient care. Laser dentistry in Saskatoon continues to earn positive reviews from patients since it offers a gentle and minimally intrusive method of tooth treatment.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry allows a dentist in Saskatoon with specialized training to treat both soft and hard tissue with concentrated light radiation. Once the tissue is in the light’s path, it can either be completely removed or reshaped.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Lasers are very accurate and effective. As a result, procedures like gum repair or tooth preparation for fillings are frequently completed more quickly and with less pain than with conventional dentistry techniques.

  • Less Bleeding and Pain 

Dental lasers are unique in that they immediately seal the ends of blood vessels and nerves upon contact, greatly reducing pain and bleeding. This advantage makes laser dentistry popular for periodontal therapy, decay removal, and gingival sculpting.

Additionally, lasers are  effective at minimizing discomfort and bleeding. Pediatric dentists highly value them because they provide parents with a drug-free option to conventional dental procedures. Children may only experience a slight amount of heat as the cavity is zapped, as opposed to the dental laser’s painful effects. The decay will separate from the healthy parts of the tooth after the area has been treated, eliminating the need for loud drills.

  • Immediate Healing

Composite resin curing is one of the most advantageous uses regarding laser dentistry. Dentists have more control over restorations because these strong laser beams can swiftly and effectively cure these resins. Since dentists utilize many of the same materials to produce a variety of restorations, including fillings and dental bonding, this capability is useful in all of these situations. Lasers heat up a very small area using a very narrow, concentrated range of invisible light. Dentists can quickly harden and dry restorations using materials that react to this light, saving patients’ time and enhancing the quality of the repair.

Dental lasers’ instantaneous nature helps those with dental anxiety since it makes it simple and quick to make sturdy repairs. Your dentist can cure a strong composite filling that combines with your preexisting enamel and dentin, minimizing the amount of time it takes to complete your procedure, as opposed to waiting for them to create the ideal space for conventional amalgam fillings.

  • Less Risk of Infection

Dental lasers are unique because they can clean gum tissue and places inside teeth, avoiding issues like inflammation and infections. This gives dentists more control over restorations. According to research, dental lasers can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, even if they are not directly on the surface of the gums or teeth.

During operations to treat gum disease, bacterial counts must be reduced because leaving germs in place could lead to future infection issues. The tissue becomes much healthier as the periodontal pockets are cleared of germs, giving the gums a better chance to heal.

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