How to Resolve Dental Overcrowding

how to resolve dental overcrowding

How to Resolve Dental Overcrowding

Braces are a well known solution for crooked teeth, overbite, and underbite. Dental braces in Saskatoon are also an effective solution for treating overcrowded teeth.  If you are consulting with a dentist about overcrowded teeth in your jaw — or in your child’s jaw — here is some information about using braces to treat this…

using the right mouthguard for contact sports

Using the Right Mouthguard for Contact Sports

Every athlete in every sport starts out with a full set of teeth. A lot of sports at every level — recreational, amateur, high school, university and college, elite, masters, semi-professional, and professional — expose participants to risk of injury. Just look at the full sets of equipment that athletes in contact sports like hockey…